April 23, 2014
Queenslands, Agnes Water News, Beach and Weather

Queensland School Holidays Winding Down

ANZAC Day, Lest we Forget

Hello, and welcome to this weeks Agnes Water holiday blog. With the end of the Easter holidays, school holidays are almost over. Hope you have had a great time on the lovely beaches or had a nice BBQ and had the chance to relax with the family over Easter, if you didn't get too sick on chocolate. Let's see what Queenslands Agnes Water has in store for the last few days.

The weather forecast over the next week looks to hover at tops around the 27 degree mark. Most days will have the odd spot of rain but with nice periods too. The weather should start to look more sunny coming into next week to get the kids out of bed and back into the school routine.

There will be nice patches over the week to head down to Agnes Waters main beach. The surf is looking nice for Saturday, it should be an awesome way to say goodbye to the school holiday fun one last time.

Lest we forget the sacrifices made for our country this ANZAC day, this Friday. There will be the dawn service as per prior years.  

This Saturday will mark the beginning of the Agnes Water Little Athletics Season and, this Sunday the Discovery Coast Markets will be open at the SES grounds.    

Thanks for stopping by and reading this weeks blog. From the crew at Captain Cook Holiday Village enjoy yourselves.

April 11, 2014
Queensland, Agnes Water Holiday News, Sport, Surf and Weather

Agnes Water/1770 Queenslands News, Sport and Weather

Halfway through Queensland School Holiday

G'day to another weekend in Queenslands beautiful holiday getaway, Agnes Water. We hope you have your school holidays and Easter break all wrapped up with the family. Let's see what Captain Cook holiday town, Agnes Water has in store.

The weather over the next week looks to be mainly nice with temperature tops around the 27 - 28 degree mark. Great weather for a family picnic, go on one of the many walking tracks, head down to the local Agnes Water beach, or simply take it easy by the poolside. There will be a shower or two over the week though so pick your days.

The beach is a great way to keep the family entertained over the school hollidays, costing next to nothing and being absolutly beautiful. Great surf conditions for most of the week for the whole family, not to many challenging waves to be had. If you are that way inclined, though, Monday would be the pick of the days.

To the local rugby and unfortunately the hometown boys of Agnes Water, the Marlins had a bye last week. They will get to show off their talent this week though so head down and support Agnes Water rugby. Best of lock to them, they are also holding fundraising events, for those interest see their Facebook page.

That is it foor this weeks blog, thanks for stopping by and reading. Hope your Queensland school holidays are going well and you have a great and safe Easter break. From the crew at Captain Cooks Holiday Village we will see you next time. 


April 4, 2014
Queensland, Agnes Water Holiday News, Surf and Weather

Agnes Water, Queensland Holiday News, Surf and Weather

Happy School Holidays

Hello, happy Friday and happy start to the school holidays. We hope you have your holiday plans all sorted over the long Easter break. 

Firstly, well done to the local Agnes Water boys for winning their first local rugby league game over South Kolan by a nice margin of 68 to 8. Unfortunately the Agnes Water Marlins have the bye this week but they look in fine form to enter the local rugby season with a bang.

The Queensland and local, Agnes Water weather looks to be nice to start off the school holidays with the temperature hovering around consistant tops of 28 degrees. There will be a nice amount of vitamin D and sunshine for the week with the odd shower.

The surf and beaches for the first week of the school holidays has some nice days of waves. The waves should pick up a bit from Tuesday onwards. The main beach of Agnes Water is beautiful this time of year especially for the school holidays, a great place to picnic with the family.

Entering the school holidays there are a couple of events happening in the holiday town that is Agnes Water. Tonight the 1770 Festival fundraiser Mystery Cocktail Party will be on, the contact there is 0428 452 836. The Discovery Coast Markets are on this Sunday, the 6th of April at 1770 SES Grounds. At 6pm on the 9th of April the Agnes Water/1770 SES Training will be on at the SES Grounds.

There is certainly plenty on in Agnes Water these school holidays to keep the whole family entertained. Don't forget to pop the clock back one hour as you head to bed Saturday night as we say bye to another daylight savings.

Thanks for stopping by this week's blog of Queensland's 1770/Agnes Water holiday blog. From the crew at Captain Cooks Holiday Village we hope you have an awesome time over this holiday period, enjoy yourself.          

March 28, 2014
Queenslands, Agnes Water Weather & News

Agnes Water 1770 News & Weather

G'day, hope your working week has been great as we say hello and yay to the weekend. School holidays are just around the corner, one week to go so make the most of the next week before the crowd and children are out and about. Let's see what the beautiful holiday town of Agnes Water has planned for the last upcoming week and weekend before the school holidays kick in.

The footy season is back into action, the news that we have waited so long to hear. The local boys of Agnes Water, the Marlins are back out there. Give our own your support as this Sundays home game at Marlin park, set to kicks off at 1pm. We saw the local footy side improve over the last season, and I think we can go one better than last year and take to Agnes Water the championship.

The weather in Agnes Water and through Queensland over the next week looks to have scatered showers. There will be sunshine throughout the week so make the most of the rays when the sun pops through the clouds. The daily peak temperatures in Agnes Water look to hover around the 28 degree mark, with lows around the 20 degree mark so nice comfortable weather coming up.

Good news too if you are into your surf, the beach of Agnes Water will have awesome conditions today, tomorrow and Sunday. So take out the surf boards this weekend and test yourself on some nice waves. If fishing is more you the surf and waves will steady as the week goes on.

Thanks for reading this weeks blog of Queenslands holiday town, Agnes Water. From the crew at Captain Cooks Holiday Village have an awesome time and enjoy yourselves. 


March 21, 2014
Agnes Water/1770, Queensland Holiday News

Agnes Water, Queensland Holiday News & Weather

Hello to you and the weekend. Hope you have a relaxing and fun filled weekend planned. With the footy season kicking off and Kylie Minogues new album out I certainly do. It will be a weekend of BBQ's, footy and the awesome beach of Agnes Water.

The surf on the beaches for this week is looking nice with some strong waves out there. The pick of the days is today and tomorrow, Saturday. That ties in well with the weekend. Towards the end of the week also looks to be nice conditions for a surf out on the beautiful Queensland beach of Agnes Water.

The most wonderful time of the year, autumn is upon us with Agnes Water looking very nice. The weather over the next week in the Queensland holiday getaway looks to have tops around the 28 degree mark and lows around the 22 degree mark. Great weather for the outdoors, BBQ's and long stays with the family by the pool or the beach.

The Discovery Coast Markets, will be held this Sunday at the SES Grounds of Agnes Water. There will also be mid-week, this Wednesday the 26th of March, another Agnes Water/1770 SES Training session held at 6pm at the SES Grounds of Agnes Water.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this weeks blog of Queenslands holiday getaway, Agnes Water. From the crew of Captain Cooks Holiday Village, have an awesome weekend and enjoy yourselves.       

March 14, 2014
Agnes Water, Queensland Holiday News

Queensland's Agnes Water Holiday News

Hello, hope your plans for the weekend are all sorted and looking good. It is an exciting time of the year with some awesome weather and the footy season kicking off. Be sure to check out the local boys of Anges Water, the Marlins - jump on the band wagon this season. I think the Marlins will go one up on last year and bring home the championship.

The weather of the Queensland town, Agnes Water, over the next week is shaping up nicely. The days peaks look to be hovering around the 27 to 28 degree mark with night lows around the 20 degree mark. Perfect conditions for fishing for dinner at night and surf during the day.

So let's see what the surf and beach of Agnes Water has in store this week. The weekend is the pick of the days to grab the board and hit the beach.

If you have no plans this Sunday night, the 15th of March, 1770 Dragons Fun & Trivia Night will be on from 6pm onwards at the Beach Break Bar in Agnes Water. So, grab some mates and put a team together.

From the Agnes Water holiday crew of Captain Cooks Holiday Village, thanks for stopping by and reading this weeks blog. Hope to see you next time, enjoy yourself.

March 5, 2014
Queensland, Agnes Water Holiday News

Agnes Water/1770, Queensland Holiday News

G’day, hope you are having an awesome hump day – already halfway through the week. What a week it has been in Agnes Water, all the talent has come out from the surf to music.

If you didn’t get a chance to head down and attend the events you missed out. At the main beach of Agnes Water for the Reef to Beach Long Board Classic it was a great time out there, nice vibe and nice atmosphere. For all the music fans out there I hope you had a chance to see the musical talent displayed at the annual Agnes Blues and Roots Festival.

Let’s what the Queensland holiday town of Agnes Water has in store as we head into autumn. The town events kick off this week with the Crafty Ladies Meet today at 9:15am, finishing at noon. If arts and crafts are your cup of tea join the Crafty Ladies.

This Sunday the 9th of March the SES Grounds will be hosting the Discovery Coast Markets. Next Wednesday the 12th of March, again on the SES Grounds, Agnes Water/1770 SES Training will be on at 6pm – a great initiative for the local community.

The weather over the next week, as summer turns to autumn will still have nice tops of 28 to 29 degrees and looking good for some surf and beach time. As if on the cue the surf conditions are awesome over the weekend. With nice beach weather I highly recommend heading to the Agnes Water main beach and catching some waves.

Thanks for stopping by and reading this week’s blog. From the Queensland, Agnes Water/1770 crew of Captain Cooks Holiday Village, enjoy yourself and we will see you next time.        

February 26, 2014
Queenslands Agnes Water Holiday News

A Few Agnes Water, 1770 Holiday Events This Week 

Hello, Hope your working week is going well as we hit the mid-point, hump day. The Queensland town of Agnes Water is looking beautiful with a few local events set to kick off. Let’s hope the weather stays nice and brings the sun.

The Agnes Water, 1770 weather over the next week looks to hover around peaks of 28 to 29 degrees staying nice and hot. The nights will be nice balmy temperatures, perfect for the local events.

The surf was awesome this morning and should be strong all week. The weekend looks to be the pick of the bunch though. If you’re an amateur any day should suit but for the experienced or if you’re up for a challenge the weekend waves will do nicely.

As I mentioned there are some local, Agnes Water events on the horizon. Tomorrow, Thursday the 27th of February, the Agnes Blues and Roots Festival is set to start on the SES Grounds. The festival will continue to this Sunday, the 2nd of March, so if you like your blues and roots and a great festival vibe head down and check t out.

Starting this Friday, the 28th of February, is Agnes Waters Reef to Beach Long board Classic event held at the Agnes Main Beach. It could come at a better time with nice surf conditions and pleasant Queensland weather. This event will also finish Sunday the 2nd of March.

Thanks for checking out this week’s blog, hope you have the chance to enjoy the Agnes Water events on this week. From the crew at Captain Cooks Holiday Village, enjoy yourself and we will see you next time.    

February 21, 2014
Queenslands Holiday Getaway, Agnes Water

Queensland, Agnes Water News

G’day. Hope you have had a great working week as we say a very happy hello to the weekend. As the Aussie cricketers set Australia to be two up against South Africa – fingers crossed and touch wood – let’s see what Queensland’s beautiful getaway holiday town Agnes Water, 1770, is up to.

The weather of this great relaxing beach town looks awesome over the next week. It is great family picnic, or sneak off for a surf temperature, hovering around peaks of 28 degrees. I will be whipping out the BBQ to welcome the weekend.

The weather is great to surf and the waves are keeping up. From Sunday onwards the surf and waves are looking great. Pull out the board and set yourself for an awesome day at the beach. These nice conditions look to continue through most of the week.

Thanks for reading this week’s blog for Agnes Water, 1770, the relaxing beachside Queensland getaway. From the crew at Captain Cook Holiday Village have an awesome weekend. Until next time, enjoy yourself.    

February 14, 2014
Happy Valentines Day From Agnes Water

Happy Valentines Day from Captain Cooks Holiday Village

Hello and happy Valentines Day to everyone. Queensland and 1770, Agnes Water has definitely felt the romance and love in the air and on the beaches and waves over the last week with awesome weather and surfing conditions. As dating sites and apps like Tinder go mad today let’s see what’s on and to do in the beautiful Agnes Water.

With last week’s weather being sunny and not too hot or cold, fingers crossed it continues. The forecast for the Queensland holiday getaway, Agnes Water, for the next week has daily tops around the 27 degree mark. Beautiful weather conditions for a picnic, walk, fish or a day by the pool or beach.

If surfing is your cup of tea conditions today are awesome out on the beach, so break your Valentines Day plans and grab the board and get on some waves (I’m sure your better half will understand… maybe). Conditions will calm down over the weekend, which offers nice beach or boat fishing but the waves will pick up from Tuesday onwards in 1770, Agnes Water.

How to heat up the romance in Agnes Water for your Valentines Day? The Agnes Tavern has playing the seductive, dulcet sounds of Andrew Noy tonight from 8pm. So, take your special someone for a romantic night out to the Agnes Tavern. Or, Love your Body is hosting a daylong event this Sunday at Agnes Water Community Centre on Springs Rd. It is a kid’s free event, adults entry is $10 so bring down the whole family for an event for everybody.

Thanks for stopping by this week’s blog. From the entire crew here at Captain Cook Holiday Village have an awesome and romantic day and week. Until next time enjoy yourself.

January 31, 2014
Queenslands Agnes Water

1770, Agnes Water News

Hello, hope you all enjoy and celebrated Australia Day with a bang and in the aussie spirit – in a beater, thongs and footy shorts… maybe a sneaky brew too, perhaps not upside down though. The beautiful town of Agnes Water had a ripping Australia Day with BBQ’s galore, endless snags and awesome weather.

The last week has been absolutely awesome weather and looks to continue with a little hiccup of rain tomorrow. The next week should have temperatures hovering around peaks of 28 degrees – not too hot and not too cold she said.

On that note if you are a surfer you must be chomping at the bit to get out there. Awesome conditions out on the beach and waves today which looks to last for most of the weekend. Grab the board and make the most of the waves, conditions should settle by Tuesday to replace the surf board with a rod and reel. Fishing should be nice out on Agnes Water beaches by Tuesday morning.

Also, this Saturday sees the season launch for Agnes Waters own boys, the local rugby league club Marlins down at Kahunas Bar & Grill at 6pm. Good to see the league starting up again, get down there and support the locally grown Agnes Water Marlins.  

A little reminder, get in early for booking for the Easter season break. Easter comes around faster than you know, as noted from Woolworths and Coles already selling hot cross buns.   

Thanks for stopping by and reading this week 1770, Agnes Water blog. From the crew at the Queensland getaway hotspot, Captain Cook Holiday Village, enjoy yourself and see you next time.  

January 17, 2014
The Weather Beautifully Heats Up

G’day and hello for another week from the beautifully sunny town of Agnes Water, 1770, on the beaches of Queensland. We hope you are making the most of the awesome weather; we certainly are at Captain Cook Holiday Village. As the Australian Open goers and Australian cricketers and fans swelters with heat, the place to be is Agnes Water.

The local weather over the next week is perfect beach weather. The daily tops will have the mercury hovering around 30 degrees Celsius. This is great weather for fishing, swimming, surfing, picnics or simply lazing by the pool side.

If you are a surfer and keen on getting into the waves, the weekend looks to be the best time. If surfing isn’t your cup of tea, the fishing conditions should be great from Tuesday onwards. If neither surfing nor fishing is your cup of tea the discovery coast market will be on this Sunday on the SES grounds. 

That’s it for this week in Queensland’s coastal getaway, Agnes Water. From the crew at Captain Cook Holiday Village.we hope you enjoy the great weather. Until next time, enjoy yourself.

January 10, 2014
1770 Agnes Water Welcomes 2014

Hello, welcome to the first Agnes Water 1770 blog of 2014. From the seventeen seventy crew of the Captain Cook Holiday Village we wish you all had a great fun and happy Christmas and New Years… and also enjoyed the five nil thumping if the English in the best ashes series I have seen.

We have had our very own Queensland Santa banging around the cabins, caravans and park which the families coming through the holiday village have loved. The days over the festive season have been beautifully hot, with camp goers making great use of the pool area and the short stroll to the awesome Agnes Water beach.

Over the next week the mercury will continue as it has previously, giving breathtaking sunny days hovering around the 30 degree mark. But, with such beautifully weather keep sun smart with the tradition akubra with corks or perhaps just some sunscreen and a normal hat.

The Agnes Water surf has also been great over the break, offering waves for whatever stage – from beginners to the veteran experts out there. The pick of the days for next week’s surf is the tail end of the working week. If you are the fishing type take the rod and reel out early in the week.

That’s it for this week’s blog, the first blog of 2014. Thank you for stopping by and reading, until next week have an awesome week and enjoy yourself.            

December 20, 2013

Merry Christmas and a Happy, Safe and Fun New Year

G’day and welcome to the final blog for 2013, before Christmas and the New Year celebrations strike. Only five sleeps until the big cheese of present giving leisurely ganders around the globe – I have a cabin waiting for Santa in Captain Cook Holiday Village. We hope you have your Christmas plans and presents all packed and ready to go.

As the temperature and weather risers, the metro train lines buckle, the in-laws come knocking and the aussies bring back the little ashes urn we are reminded that this is Christmas time. Escape the holiday grind, hectic Christmas wrapping paper clutter and endless gift cards (bound to expire) at the beautiful holiday hotspot getaway of Queensland, 1770 Agnes Water.

The next week weather is offering a tradition Australia Christmas vibe. This week over Christmas, leading to the New Year’s celebrations has us donning the iconic thongs, footy shorts and beaters. The mercury will stay at daily peaks of 29 and 30 degrees. The all important Christmas day will be 30 and mostly sunny, absolute perfect conditions for a few beers, fresh seafood and family BBQ’s. As always though don’t forget to quadruple S – slip, slop, slide (slide on the sunnies) and slap.

If you can sneak in some surf and fishing over the holiday break you’ve done well. The weekend looks to be the pick of the bunch for the waves and surfers out there. If you are after some relaxation from the extended family fishing is looking good most days from Monday onwards. Catch your own fresh seafood for Christmas.

That’s it for the blogs of 2013, thank you for stopping by and reading. Until the New Year, 2014 from all the crew here at Captain Cook Holiday Village we hope you have a wonderful festive Christmas and a fun and safe New Year.

December 13, 2013
Christmas is Heating up in Agnes Water

G’day and Christmas Holiday greetings from the Queensland holiday uncluttered hotspot of 1770, Agnes Water and the crew of the Captain Cook Holiday Village. We hope Christmas plans and getaways are all signed and sealed by the presents.

This week in Agnes Water the town has stepped up the Christmas decorations. Having a look around 1770 the Christmas festive season has struck, all the decorations look beautiful, cheerfully whimsical and they have well and truly gotten Agnes Water into the season festivities. Santa has no chance of missing this town when he surfs in bright and early on the 25th of December.

1770, Agnes Water has kicked into Christmas mode with great family fun to be had over the weekend. Tomorrow/Saturday night warm up your throats with some egg nog and head to the Agnes Water Community Centre for Christmas Carols by Candlelight. Captain Creek Sport and Rec Club will host their Christmas party the next day, Sunday the Sabbath. The party starts at 1pm till 4pm, with a BBQ from 1pm and music starting at 3pm.

To the weather, the next week’s going to be a nice hot one to energise those starting their Christmas breaks. The mercury looks to hover around peaks of 29 – 30 degrees. Definitely Quadruple S – Slip, slop, slide (on a hat) and slap.

The beaches waves over the next week are offering some nice fun and challenging surf conditions. The pick of the days is Tuesday onwards next week. For those starting off their surfing careers or those looking for an easy, relaxed time at the beach the weekend is perfect conditions.

At Captain Cook Holiday Village we are offering great holiday accommodations specials with Larc! Tours. To find out more of those special rates see our paradise tour and accommodation package page.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this week’s Agnes Water, 1770 blog. From Queensland and Agnes Waters Captain Cook Holiday Village getaway holiday spot, enjoy yourselves and take it easy.


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